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Geothermal Reservoir Modeling

POC: Sharad Kelkar

For nearly 40 years, LANL has participated in the study, characterization, development, and modeling of geothermal systems. Beginning in the early 1970s with the demonstration of the feasibility of enhanced geothermal systems at the Fenton Hill site, LANL has continued to apply advanced technology at EGS around the world including the Coso Geothermal System in California, Hijori Hot Dry Rock Test Site in Japan, Rosemanowes site in Great Britain, and Soultz-sous-Forets in France.

The Computational Earth Science Group in the Earth and Environmental Science Division has a long and successful record of modeling coupled heat, flow and deformation simulations applied to geothermal systems.  This capability has been applied at Fenton Hill, Coso, Hijiori, and other sites around the world.  LANL is developing coupled rock mechanics and flow capability to assess and design reservoir development.  LANL also has capabilities to model complex geochemical interactions coupled with fluid flow if warranted by conditions at the site.

SFT team members are currently participating in a project to model coupled THM processes using the code FEHM in conjunction with Advanced Seismic Imaging in support of an EGS project near Reno, Nevada. Members of the SFT team are also interacting with other geothermal projects at LANL including Jemez Geothermal Development, Development of Downhole Sensors, and Development of Reactive Tracer Techniques.




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