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Earth and Environmental (EES) Groups

The Earth and Environmental (EES) Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory is organized into three groups, organized by their capabilities and expertise.

Scientific advice is provided by the Science and Engineering Leadership Team (SELT), helping the EES technical staff become more effective at obtaining research and development funds.

Earth Systems Observations (EES-14)

The Earth Systems Observations group works broadly across the traditional fields of geology, ecology and atmospheric sciences, with an emphasis on experimental and observational sciences, often coupled to the development and improvement of predictive modeling.

Computational Earth Sciences (EES-16)

The Computational Earth Sciences group develops and applies a range of high performance computational methods and software tools to earth science projects with a focus on:

  • subsurface flow and transport in porous media
  • microscale, mesoscale, and global-scale atmospheric phenomena
  • nuclear explosion-induced atmospheric physics and modeling of wildland and urban fire phenomena

Geophysics - (EES-17)

The Geophysics group performs basic and applied research using seismology, infrasound, ground shock modeling, and acoustics to address critical national needs in the areas of nuclear energy, fossil energy, renewable energy, weapons effects, containment, nuclear detection monitoring, non-destructive evaluation, threat reduction, earthquake triggering, medical imaging, and climate science, as well as for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

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