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Lead by Cathy Wilson, Team Leader

EES Division leads the Laboratory’s Water thrust. The Water thrust encompasses initiatives that span LANL’s Energy Security and Threat Reduction missions, as well as excellence in operations. The Inter-directorate Water Strategy Team is developing a LANL Water Science Roadmap and sponsors a monthly Water Science Forum. The Roadmap identifies key International, National, Regional, and Site-wide water issues, and highlights where LANL capabilities may be applied to address these issues. The Water Science Forum provides a venue for scientists to present and discuss innovative science and technology (S&T) and match S&T to new funding opportunities.

The Thrust is currently focused on three initiatives:

(1)    ZeroNet, currently in its first year, is a Southwestern, regional partnership between LANL, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and the New Mexico power utility, PNM. It aims to bring innovative S&T in the areas of advanced cooling, degraded water treatment processes, monitoring, and decision support to reduce freshwater use by electric power generators in the Four Corners region of New Mexico.

(2)    LANL has a leading role in the eleven-laboratory Energy-Water Nexus Team, which is currently engaged in developing a national technology road map for a new Energy-Water Technology Program within DOE. Senator Pete Domenici will introduce a bill in April 2005 to fund this program at the level of $225M/yr. LANL is the designated lead for a Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Water Technology in this bill.

(3)    LANL has diverse expertise related to water quality, infrastructure, sensors and monitoring, resource modeling, conservation, and treatment. The Water Thrust includes the development of an inter-directorate LANL initiative called “A Secure Water Future,” which charts a path forward for identifying new funding for water S&T.







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